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Junk removal



Juanitos Hauling  is a complete junk removal service provider in Salt Lake County . We offer junk removal services for your home .

We’re the junk removal company that handles the tough stuff – and we ensure that your junk is recycled, donated, or otherwise disposed of responsibly.

Do you have old furniture, appliances, electronics, tires, construction debris, or yard waste you need to make disappear? Juanitos Hauling  can take away almost any material we can fit in our dump trailer. We’ll remove junk from wherever it’s located, and we won’t leave a dent or speck of dirt behind. 

Organic Compost


We deliver only tested and certified organic compost 

We deliver compost from Salt Lake County Public Works .

This compost is Certified by the US Composting Council (USCC).

They produce high quality , certified compost product that has undergone rigorous testing. 

Check Out SL County Info 

Quick Reference Guide

Compost Brochure

Complete Test Results

Composting Process


 Green waste - including tree branches, grass clippings and leaves - is collected and run through a grinder. It is then transported to the compost area where it composts in windrows for about 12 weeks.  During the 12-week process, windrows are turned 5-7 times, ensuring organic materials reach a temperature of at least 132 degrees for 15 days. These high temperatures ensure that any weed seeds or unwanted pathogens are killed off.
After the windrow process is complete, the compost is then run through a trommel screen in order to separate fine and coarse materials.  The fine material is sold as our USCC certified compost product. 

What is Compost ?



What Is Compost?

Compost is an organic product created through the controlled decomposition of biodegradable materials.  As the materials decompose, they reach a high temperature of up to 160 degrees Fahrenheit, which significantly reduces pathogens and occurrence of weed seeds.  Compost is typically used as a soil amendment and contributes to plant nutrients.

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Due to texting a driving laws , please call and leave a voicemail with your order in cubic yards , return phone # and address, date and time 

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3 Cubic Yards Organic Compost

Organic Compost 3 Cu. Yards delivered


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We will deliver 3 cu. yards of compost in a driveway friendly dump trailer anywhere in Salt Lake County only.


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card